Modesty. Where has it gone?

Okay, so we're going to try blogspot now, since xanga isn't letting me on my profile anymore...*sigh*

Since a blog can be a soapbox too, I might as well start it off with the first post doing just that.

*Steps up*

I went shopping today. And I've decided being a girl and going shopping is the hardest thing to do, because of one word.


I wish people....girls....cared more about being modest, and I wish that society was more NOT against it. I wish girls would stop worrying about whats on TV and the magazines and realize that its ALL photoshop.

I'm tired of seeing the word SKINNY in every single store I go to....EVERY clothing store, because...word to the public....not every girl is skinny, or meant to be stick straight, or should be striving to be. Sure its good to stay fit and eat right, but you don't have to do the whole anorexic look for cryin' out loud.
I wish girls would be more aware of how their dress affects the guys around them. And I wish that stores would quit selling the stuff that should not be worn except in the privacy of your own room, let alone, out in public. Girls should be dressing to honor the Lord, and not to draw attention to themselves in promiscuous ways. If I in any way offend any of you with my dress, tell me. Because I will change it and do my best to not make the same mistake again.

I had to go all over the whole mall trying to find jeans or something that wasn't too low rise or too fitting or too tight, etc. Not to mention most stores make everything smaller fitting, so if you pick up something that should be your size, it still won't be because its made smaller. It's like society is trying to make you feel bad for what size you wear. Guys...you have it easy. They make them all look the same, fit the same, and most of them at least look nice. I got so fed up with all the girl clothes I almost bought a pair of men's jeans. *hmph*

I even overheard two women in a fitting room talking about how hard it is to find good clothes/dress for us. Society certainly doesn't make it easy. I feel like I'm not the only one with these opinions either.

I hope I haven't been to harsh sounding, but its the truth of my own thoughts. I used to have fun shopping when I was little....anymore now its a pain and a half.