Oh, I LOVE how the Lord works to rejuvenate a tired and weak heart!!

School stresses me out sooo much that I can let it take over my concentration and focus on things that matter SO INFINITELY MUCH MORE than SCHOOL!!!! (Or work, for that matter....or things that I hear, but don't want to  hear, but can't control....)

I'm confident He will help me graduate this summer as long as I do my part. He will give me strength. So now, I can sit back and relax and focus on the Lord in the mornings and move everything else out of my mind while I'm on a date with Him. 
I've realized I've been trying to learn how to be a "good" or "better" wife for my husband....but how can that happen if I'm consumed with only that, and my heart is not full of Christ's love?
When that is full, I can overflow that love onto those around me, INCLUDING my hubby, whom I love more and more everyday.

I FINALLY picked up my bible study book I bought at the Women's retreat at last spring, written by Kris Goertzen. 
I think I might get some Ginger Millemon music to go with my studies in the mornings...

Anyway, the study is called, the "Extreme Spiritual Makeover"! I'm only in day 3 and loving it. It came with audio CD's for each week, and I just found some accompaning videos on her site.

So... needless to say I needed it. Bad.
My soul was dry and thirsty.

What would I do without my One True Love?