So, God is Good.

Despite how CRAZY this week has been....God is good, and He has used it all for my good.

This last week when I felt the sickest with my cold/horrible sinus pressure/upset stomach... I couldn't find anyone to sub for me and had to get through an 8hr. shift at work. The funny part is what Ben had challenged me with that morning before he left...

He told me not to think of my days as getting from one thing to the next, one task to the next, or one job finished to the next.... Instead of dreading the 8 hours of have to stand on my feet, he wanted me to look at it as just a part of my whole entire day, as just one big continuum. He said that we in America think too much in compartments. Not willing to just look at every part of our day as another second to rejoice in the Lord. And so, he of course brought up Phil. 4:4. "Rejoice in the Lord", (when?)..."ALWAYS!! " ( I don't know how much I've quoted that verse on here....haha!)

I think....well, scratch that... I know that God allowed me to work that shift despite feeling so gross that day. As I worked and as we got busier into the night, I had so much to do that my mind seemed to get off of how miserable I felt and wondering whether or not I was going to keep that food in my stomach or not. Not everything you want goes your way.
Not everyday will you feel your best, but God still wants us to glorify Him in our words, actions, and deeds.
I did learn to invest my time into those around me: my coworkers, my customers, my job and how well I did it...
I did learn that God doesn't always answer your prayers the way you want them, and that we must trust that He knows what is best for us, after all...He is our creator, and our Father, and He knows. Ben always encourages me with that thought as well. (also Ps. 139).

I am so thankful for my husband. He is such an encourager to me, spiritually and emotionally... and he always takes such good care of me, especially when I'm feeling sick. :)

Here's a picture from our 1yr. anniversary trip to Devils Den State Park, in Fayetteville Ar. I have had so much picture editing to do for my photo business I haven't had time to post any of these on facebook or anything like that, but this is probably my favorite shot from the whole vacation on our hike :

Until next time,
Much love from the Jung house :)



Why do I feel like I can't connect with anyone outside my family!!!
Why do I feel like no one even wants to do the same with me??

Am I just a scary/un-happy/un-inviting looking kind of girl?? I don't bite! I promise!

Why can't I have an deep, intelligible conversations?
Why can't I talk about anything more than, "hi, how ya doing? Great! Cool me too!" kinda conversations??

Am I tired right now? Yes.
Stressed about the stupid test this tuesday in a class I JUST had a test in last week? Yes.

So you'd probably do well to just ignore this post anyway.
I'm just

Until next time--