[if you are a wife, please read]

I think my husband and I doomed to never be able to speak each others' "languages."

I cannot get my point across. He doesn't understand what I need.
He thinks one thing, I see it another way, he doesn't get it.

Its a nasty vicious circle.

We don't argue that much, but when we do, its like all havoc is loosened on top of us and I, being the wonderful pregnant wife that I am--am so upset I get to the point where i don't even want to talk anymore and all is useless. Because we don't get anywhere. Because its a circle. With no end in sight.

Dear goodness I don't know how to handle this.

Any wifeys out there with some experienced experience to help me calm down???
You can private message me on f.b. if you have specific helps.

Until next time,
*banging my head on a wall*

ps- and just to clarify, I'm not blaming this all on him. Just saying I'm really frustrated and wondering if any other women out there will be transparent and willing to chip in.