[still learning....]

What's been going on lately?

Over the past couple days I've begun to realize how much more different I am than Ben...Not that its a bad thing or something, but rather a thing we are learning to embrace and to shape each other in areas that we see better than the other :)

We're both really emotional people, but in different ways than each other. When I'm emotional or passionate about something, it is really hard to get my mind off of that current thing or emotion I am thinking about. If that thing makes me upset, or sad, or whatever emotion I am feeling, it is difficult to make myself focus on the truth that God gives us in His word. In my mind I know it is true, but it is hard for my mind to transfer that to my heart so that I will listen and heed to that truth.

Ben is very emotional about things too sometimes, yet he is able to tell himself things that are true (phil. 4) and listen to himself! At times it is so good that he can do that, because he helps me overcome my own problems. It really has been a struggle to take my own thoughts captive to His truths.
God is working sllloooowly on my stubborn self though. And in the mean time I am more and more thankful for the wise husband that the Lord has given to me. :)

That was a small tangent, but something that is very important in our lives at the moment. :)

On another random note, I went to my first every yoga class with my cousin yesterday, annnndd lets just just say I'm flexible in some ways, but not in all of yoga's ways...I found a picture of the pose that was hardest for me....

 You start standing with your foot resting on your thigh, THEN you sit down like this....
Needless to say my thighs are not that strong or flexible. HA!

Maybe after a couple sessions I can manage it. I felt GREAT after our session though because the whole thing was in a heated room so you sweat a TON. Its kinda like a full body detox, so by the time you're done, you feel better all over. I think I worked out muscles I didn't know existed... I actually slept a lot better last night then I've been sleeping in awhile, not to mention I woke up not feeling any back or neck pain! :)

Anyway, got errands and shopping, cleaning and working to do today, so I'm off.
Until next time!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Later today I heard for the first time the song called "Lead Me" by Sanctus Real.

Look up the lyrics, I nearly cried.

Go here: http://sanctusreal.com/
and watch the video about the story behind the song, and then listen to the song. Also on that page there is a section called "READ". Read it :) At least the part that is relevant to you!

Okay, that is all :D