[Time Flies]


Seriously. It's been ages since I've written. I used to blog all the time when I was single....where'd the time go?

Does anyone even read this anymore? Or am I rambling on a white screen to nameless faces on the internet? Get ready for some stream of consciousness ;)

I can't believe Ethan is already 13 months, we're in our first ever own house, and we're settled in with Ben's job, etc. etc. It was fun to re-read what I had written many months ago.

God has seriously amazed me.

Is it bad that I'm sitting around kind of wondering what He expects from us now? Like....why has He blessed us with so much??
I try to not to think of it that way, because it's wrong to think that God would only give us things based on our actions....I just read a passage in Deut. that proves that thinking wrong. It's not like we've EVER done anything good to deserve anything in the first place.....whether big or small.

Anyway....I guess I'll just come out and say the times have been challenging lately, internet people.

I feel like this whole life transition of owning our own home, getting adjusted to Ben's never-ending work hours, etc., has brought us to a whole new stretching/learning point in our marriage.

I feel like we keep failing at this communication thing again!! Why can't we just get it right? I mean.....we've been married for 3 years....we should have some feeling of how things work,....right?

I know.....many would disagree and say 3 years isn't long at all, and we'll be learning the rest of our lives...blah, blah, blah.....but in the mean time. Just, blah. I wish I could just figure out how/why the guy does what he does, ya know?

I wish I wasn't such a sensitive person! I'm learning more and more to give up and let things happen how they happen and not worry/want things how I imagine them to be. Things don't have to perfect. The house doesn't have to be spotless to be a good wife....I just need to keep learning. I'm sure God has a reason for all the things he keeps throwing at me lately. To teach me. To show me that He loves me. To teach me to trust Him. It's just that thing called sin nature that so often holds me back.

Still learning....

Anyway. Enough rough stuff.

I like writing, internet. Even if its not really to anyone, or if no soul ever reads this. It's just relaxing.

My kiddo is yelling at me from his room. Nap-time/mommy time is over.

Much Love,



I think since becoming a mom....I've noticed something. Something in the world of moms that I don't like.

Facebook, and social media have allowed many to complain, have a pity party, worry, compare (the worst!!!), judge, envy, etc.

With the growing technological word we all have this crazy desire to know whats going on, and to make sure everyone knows whats going on--whether it should be posted or not---and it all happens with the click of a button. I'm not sure I would have Facebook if it weren't for advertising purposes for my business, or for the sake of relatives across state and in other countries who want to hear about Ethan. Other than that....it's sort of ridiculous.

I've been frustrated with how negative people are. No one thinks anymore--no one thinks about what they say, how it will come across, or dare to even think of what the motive of their hearts or purpose of posting/saying certain things is.

I've been reading a new book: "Respectful Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate" by Jerry Bridges.

Can't put it down. So convicting and so good. Go read it, please! I'm only in chapter 3, but so far, it has dealt with the things I've been thinking about lately.

Anyway...that's what I've been thinking lately. My hubby is probably the only one who will appreciate this since I have a hard time articulating whats on my mind when he asks me too. ;)

Until next time--


[WAY overdue.]

Well....I'm obviously not an avid blogger. Last time I made a post, Ethan was 23 days away from his due date...haha! My sweet baby is now 7 months old! I can't believe how time has flown! Maybe that will explain why I haven't written in so long ;)

Really, maybe I'll just write a little bit about everything I've missed so far.
Maybe I'll start with his birth day? Wow. I'm so behind. I'll intermit some photos from our recent family shoot with Zao Photography because pictures make reading stories better :)

For those who don't know the story--Ethan's original due date was Nov. 9. He was born on Oct. 22.
Two days before he was born (thurs. the 20th), I got the stomach flu (or something) really bad. I couldn't eat or drink anything and keep it down. I hadn't been that sick in a LONG time. Needless to say it started some contractions, and they got worse as it went on into the night. Finally the nurse at my OBGYN told me to head to the hospital. My mom was afraid I was too dehydrated. Long story short--I was really dehydrated--they gave me 2 bags of IV and sent me home around 4am. (ug!) My mom and my hubby were such troopers and were there with me through the whole thing. Ben even made it back in to work by noon or so the next day.

Funny enough, my friend from work had planned a baby shower for me that following night (friday), and despite some pretty uncomfortable contractions, I went. It was a great time, and I got through it, but after everyone had left and we were standing around talking to my parents at their place, the contractions really started to hurt. My mom looked at me and told me I'd be having a baby by the next day. I almost didn't believe her! She walked me through some quick breathing techniques (I still hadn't taken the classes...) and then Ben and I went home so I could try and "rest."

After being in pain and not moving from my couch the once home- by 4am or so, Ben and I realized my contractions were about 4 min. apart and about 30 seconds each. I was in labor!! I was kind of in shock! After all, I thought I still had at least 2 weeks left! We called my mom and she and my sis met us at Wesley birth center where they got me all settled in.

Funny thing is--I always thought I would be TERRIFIED of the epidural, but by the time they were able to give it to me I was begging for it!! Ha! This was around noon or so, and by 2pm or so ( I forgot the time!! I need to go look it up...) Ethan James Jung was born! :)

Funny story: Ben and I didn't decide between the two names we were debating on until Ethan's birthday. I was relaxing in the whirlpool in the hospital with Ben, and we finally picked the first name then. We're terrible! Haha!

The whole experience was the most amazing thing I've ever gone through. It all happened SO fast though, I often wish I could relive it again. Although, we hope to have another one in the future sometime, so that wish may come true :) (An no...I'm not preggo ;)

Sooo much has happened since then, and I won't try to cover it all in this post...but being a full-time mom is the most incredible, rewarding job ever. I never imagined being a full time mom, really....but I so understand why God made and designed families to work this way. I'm so thankful Ben enjoys his job as much as I like mine, too. Despite his long hours, we really are blessed by such a perfect fit of a job for him, and are thankful for God's provision in that area.

In the mean time, I get to do my photography business out of home, and I think I update my photo blog more than I do this one. Here's the link if you haven't seen it yet! :)

Thanks for reading, if you actually read all of this---it was a long one! I'll try to do more updating next time.

Love from the Jung house!