[time flies]

Recently Ben and I celebrated our official "half a year" anniversary! It really was exciting, because half a year together has gone by in no time at all!
I'm so excited to reach the 1 year mark :) I know I sound cheesy, but, its true :)

In the mean time, we're struggling to find time together! Or...maybe its just me.

Ben has so much school work on top of his work at the bikeshop; so it always feel like he goes to work comes home, eats, does homework for the rest of the night and then its time to get to bed. Repeat....*ugh*
He's probably a looot more stressed out than I am with all these crazy engineering classses, but goodness, this is teaching this new wife a lot about patience and just trying to help him as much as I can while he finishes his classes (which are almost done!!!)

I suppose it is a good thing, I am learning, and it makes the time we get to sit and talk or play a quick round of monopoly deal ever more sweeter :)

Ps-monopoly deal is amazing and oh so addicting...haha! You must get it! :)

I'm excited for spring/summer to be here, and for the pool at our apartment to open!

I'm currently working on finishing up the last two shoots I did for some families, and have an engagement, family session, and wedding booked so far. I need to finish my website and business cards too! Leah Jung photography I think will be the official name. I thought about LKJ, but my full name just works better. Although my logo will have only the "lj" in it :) And here is the first official viewing of it! Consider yourself lucky:

I reallly like how it has come out! As a designer though, I'll probably end up tweeking it here and there once I stare at it long enough, but I need to get started with something! :)

Oh, I'm working on a brochure for our church....even if they don't use it, it's fun to work on some design again. Good for my brain. :)
Nope, no pictures of that yet :)

Spring has sprung and I'm excited!! I planted a garden! Er...a potted garden?
Here's some more pictures...because everybody likes em...

I looove this daisy, the center of them is sooo colorful! :)

This stuff is called fiber optic grass...isn't awesome??? ^

My favorite birdy :)  Just because. Her favorite new perch is a hanger :P

Okay, enough pictures for today. Takes up too much time...haha!

Enjoy :)


Super Blessings :)

Can I just say that God is amazing??????

Ever since I got my camera, people, out of nowhere have immediately begun to call/email/ask me to come do shoots for them!!! Oh, and may I say--I had done no advertising yet??
I officially have two (maybe 3!) weddings booked, an engagement session, and I've already done a family session, an event, and a shoot for a business. (In less than a month of having my new camera!!!!!)


I think not.

I am completely overwhelmed every time I think about it. God is SOOO good!!! He knows the desires of my heart, and He is fulfilling them! (Ps. 37)
I can't believe how blessed I am. There is nothing I did to deserve this, nothing at all.

He takes my breathe away! He makes my heart jump! Jesus is mine, and I am His. All glory and honor goes to Him!

Now....If I could just get a logo for myself finished...who knows what'll happen then! ;)